Advance redress payments

Advance redress payments (previously called hardship payments) offer a one-off payment to people who were physically, psychologically or emotionally abused or neglected as children while living in institutional settings in Victoria before 1990, and who are now terminally or critically ill.

Following stakeholder consultation on best reflecting the nature of the payments in the name, these are now called advance redress payments (previously called hardship payments).

These advance redress payments were announced, along with the establishment of redress, for Victorians, who were placed in institutional settings as children before 1990 and experienced physical, psychological and emotional abuse or neglect.

Redress will be co-designed and administered by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (the department). Advance redress payments are for people who, due to their illness, are unlikely to be able to access redress when it starts.

For more information about redress  and other support that is available, visit People who lived in institutional settings before 1990

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a one-off $10,000 advance redress payment, a person abused or neglected as a child in Victorian institutional settings will need to:

  • have been placed in Victorian institutional settings for at least 6 months before 1990 
  • have a terminal or critical illness.

You cannot apply on behalf of someone who has died.

For more information view the Questions and answers about the advance redress payment (Word).

To apply

  • read the application form instructions
  • complete the Application form on a computer or paper. The form has been updated with instructions on nominating one or more beneficiaries or your estate to receive your payment if you die before the payment is made.
  • have a registered medical practitioner complete the Medical statement form to indicate you have a terminal or critical illness
  • provide certified copies of two documents that confirm your identity
  • send the completed application form, the Medical statement form and certified copies of your two identity documents via:

Document downloads

Help with your application

You can get help to apply for an advance redress payment from the following organisations:

  • Care Leavers Australasia Network (CLAN)
    phone: 1800 008 774 or 0425 204 747
  • Open Place (Relationships Australia Victoria)
    phone: 1800 779 379 or (03) 9421 6162

You can nominate a support person or organisation to help you with the application process. A support person or organisation cannot apply for an advance redress payment or accept or decline an offer on your behalf.

If someone acts on your behalf in a legal capacity, such as Power of Attorney, they can also apply on your behalf as your nominee. They will need to provide evidence that they act on your behalf in a legal capacity.