Cradle to Kinder and Aboriginal Cradle to Kinder

The Cradle to Kinder and Aboriginal Cradle to Kinder program is an intensive ante and post-natal support service to provide longer term, intensive family support for vulnerable young mothers and their families.

Cradle to Kinder is for young pregnant women under 25 years of age where:

  • A report to Child Protection or a referral to Child FIRST has been received for an unborn child and the referrer has significant concerns about the wellbeing of the unborn child, or
  • There are a number of indicators of vulnerability, or concerns about the wellbeing of an unborn or newborn child and Child Protection is not involved, or
  • The person involved is:
    • In out-of-home care (or has been)
    • An Aboriginal woman
    • A woman who has a learning difficulty.

What supports are available?

Cradle to Kinder and Aboriginal Cradle to Kinder provides a whole-of-family service in the form of pre-birth support, intensive and longer term interventions and case work support, until the child reaches 4 years old.

It also provides intensive and specialised early parenting support to strengthen and relationship between parents and their children. This assists parents to meet the health, development, safety and wellbeing needs of their infants and young children. Further to this, it helps parents to build their own self-reliance and sustainability through access to education, vocation training and employment.

The service provides a combination of individual and group, centre/community and home-based interventions and supports.

How to access the program

To access Cradle to Kinder services get a referral from your local maternal and child health nurse or general practitioner.

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