Service to property charge concession

If your electricity usage bill is lower than the service charge, concession card holders can have the service charge reduced to the usage cost.

The Service to property charge concession will no longer be available from 1 December 2023.

Eligible cardholders can access a variety of concessions and benefits to assist with energy bills.

To find out about other concessions and benefits, please visit the Energy concessions page.

What does this concession apply to?

The service charge on mains domestic electricity bills with very low electricity use.

Who can apply for the concession?

An electricity account holder who holds one of the following eligible cards:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Veterans' Affairs Gold Card.

How much is the concession?

If the electricity use on a bill is lower than the service charge, the service charge is reduced to the cost of the electricity used.

The concession is based on your usage cost before any solar credits are deducted.

How do I apply for the concession?

The retailer will automatically give you the concession if you are eligible and you have provided your concession details.

To check if you should be receiving this concession, phone your electricity retailer.

More information

Phone your electricity retailer or the Concessions information line.

  • How is the concession calculated?

    The Service to Property Charge Concession is calculated as follows:

    A = B – C


    • A is the amount of the concession

    • B is the service charge payable

    • C is the usage charge.

    Retailer discounts are not factored into the calculation of this concession.

    Usage charge means the amount (excluding GST) payable for electricity, charged on the basis of electricity consumption. It is also called the ‘consumption charge’.

    Service charge means the set amount (excluding GST) on each bill that is not based on electricity consumption – also called the 'daily supply charge', ‘fixed charge’ or 'service to property charge'.

    Calculation example

    Example bill:

    Usage charge (C) $58.00

    Service charge (B) $85.58

    B ($85.58) – C ($58.00) = A ($27.58)

    Concession amount is $27.58