Residential care

Residential care services in community-based houses are provided to children and young people in out-of-home care.

Children and young people who live in residential care are often those who have experienced the greatest level of trauma and who, therefore, require the most expert therapeutic care and support.

Placement in residential care is based on assessment of each individual’s needs. This includes consideration of alternative placement in home-based care, and in particular kinship care, wherever possible.

In 2016-17, funding was allocated to ensure every young person in residential care receives the complex level of support.


Residential care - intermediate

Residential care intermediate is for children and young people, who either display a significant level of challenging behaviour or are a part of a large sibling group.

Residential care - complex

Provides short, medium and long term out-of-home care in residential facilities for young people aged 12 - 17 years who display multiple and complex needs and whose behaviours place them at extreme risk of harm. Specialist support services are available to these young people and staff who work with them.

Lead tenant

Provides supported semi-independent accommodation options for young people aged 16 - 18 years who are Child protection clients who are transitioning to independence from state care. Young people are supported by a volunteer ‘lead tenant’ who shares the accommodation and an outreach support team. Young people are able to stay in Lead tenant programs for 12-18 months as they learn independence skills.