Victorians on low incomes can receive concessions and benefits to help pay their energy bills.

We offer a variety of concessions and benefits to eligible cardholders to assist low-income Victorians with energy bills. If you have a relevant concession card, you may be eligible for one of these concessions:

  • $250 Power Saving Bonus – All Victorians can now access a one-off $250 payment to help with their energy bills, thanks to the Victorian Government’s Power Saving Bonus. Visit the Victorian Energy Compare website to see if you’re eligible.
  • Victorian energy compare – Victorian Energy Compare is the Victorian Government's free, independent energy price comparison tool. Use the tool to help you find the best energy offers for your household.
  • Annual electricity concession – you must provide your concession card details to your electricity retailer in order to receive the annual electricity concession
  • Controlled load electricity concession – eligible concession card holders can receive a 13 per cent discount off their controlled load electricity bills
  • Electricity transfer fee waiver – concession card holders can have their electricity service connected for free when moving into a new house
  • Excess electricity concession – find out what you can do when your annual electricity costs are more than you expected
  • Excess gas concession – if your winter gas bill more than you expected, you may be able to claim a concession if you have a relevant concession card
  • Life support concession – if you are a concession card holder using a life support machine at home you could be eligible for concessions on your electricity and water bills
  • Medical cooling concession – to receive a concession on electricity bills related to medically-required cooling, your medical condition must be confirmed by your doctor
  • Non-mains energy concession – concession card holders who source non-mains energy for their heating, cooking and hot water can apply for a concession to help cover their yearly energy costs
  • Service to property charge concession – if your electricity usage bill is lower than the service charge, concession card holders can have the service charge reduced to the usage cost
  • Winter gas concession – discounts on gas bills are available for eligible concession card holders to help ease the cost of living during the winter months.