Parenting and family support

Support services for parents and carers. Assisting with children’s development, family relationships and family wellbeing.

Parenting and family services are available to support Victorian children and families.

Universal services

Services available to all families include:

  • maternal and child health nurse
  • kindergarten
  • childcare
  • school
  • general practitioner
  • community health centre
  • hospital.

Information and advice services

There are online resources, helplines and other programs available to help parents.

Visit the Information and advice for parents webpage for more information.

Parenting support

Parenting support services give advice to parents and carers of children pre-birth to 18 years. A professional may recommend or refer these services. Many also accept self-referrals. 

These services can help you with:

  • positive playtime
  • learning about your child’s development
  • responding to your child’s emotions and behaviours.

Regional Parenting Services

A free support service for parents and carers of children from birth to 18 years. Providing parents with information, parenting education and personal or group support.

Strengthening Parent Support Program

Open to parents of children with a disability or developmental delay, birth to 18 years old. A free program assisting parents to connect with other families and local community.


Phone service for parents and carers of children from birth to 18 years old. It offers private counselling and support on parenting issues.

Positive Parenting Telephone Service

A free program for parents and carers living in the Ovens and Murray region. For children aged 2 to 12 years.

Supported Playgroups

A free program for parents with children from birth to school age. Parents learn skills to support their child’s well-being and development.

Family support

Services are available for families with children from birth to 17 years. You can get support if: 

  • you want help managing stressful times that impact your family, caused by things like  financial worries, mental health, grief,  alcohol or substance use, illness or living with a disability
  • you need help to strengthen your parenting skills and develop positive parenting relationships
  • you feel like you need extra help managing the behaviour of children in your care
  • you’re pregnant and need support and advice

The Orange Door 

The main way to access Family Services is by talking to The Orange Door. The Orange Door helps connect families experiencing life pressures and/or family violence to the right supports. Everyone is welcome at The Orange Door. Services are free and you don’t need a referral. 

Family Violence Statewide support services 

Contact a family violence support service if you are experiencing family violence or think you might be at risk of using family violence. 

Child Protection support

Contact Child Protection if you believe a child is at risk of harm.

Reports to Child Protection may result in a referral to a family service response such as:

  • The Family Preservation and Reunification Response, 
  • Parenting Assessment and Skill Development Services, and 
  • Intensive Family Services.