Water and sewerage concession

Eligible concession card holders can have 50% deducted automatically from their water bill.

What does this concession apply to?

Water and sewerage charges.

Who can apply for the concession?

A water account holder who holds one of the following eligible cards:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card.

How much is the concession?

50% deduction on water and sewerage charges up to a yearly maximum of $363.00 for 2024-25.

If you are only billed for a single service, for example, water only, you will receive 50 per cent off water charges up to a maximum of $181.50.

How do I apply for the concession?

Phone your water corporation and give your concession card details over the phone. You may also be able to apply via your corporation's website.

Your water corporation will check your concession card details with Centrelink and apply the concession to your bill.

More information

Phone your water corporation or the Concessions information line.

Concessions information line
1800 658 521

Phone your water corporation, or the Victorian Concessions Information Line.